What kids say about Unscanned

Unscanned is the first in a series of books about Adam and his friends.  These are comments left by readers for volume one.  On the website review form you can tell me what you think whilst being completely anonymous.  There are also many letters, which are uploaded in the 'Letters' Section.


Matthew Gronow

Thanks Matthew.  Glad you liked it.  Have you read the sequel, 'The Collector' yet?  Let me know what you think of it.
"I loved it!"   (boy aged 11)
Thank you!
"When will it be properly published?" 
Good question! The world of publishing is a hard place to conquer. Although if enough kids want to read it, sooner rather than later!
"When's the next book out?"
See 'news' section.
I've just met the new J.K. Rowling."
Love this comment!  Thanks.
"I've spotted a mistake." 
Well spotted! You should be my editor. Tell me where and I will correct it.
"It was great.  Your book is one that you need to really focus on, not just read quickly.  It was very hard to put down!!!  Great Book!  I even had to save it on my drive otherwise I would lose reading such a great book!!" 
Glad you liked it. Hopefully, you will soon be able to buy it in print and never lose it.
"Maybe explain at the start what a Downer is..."
I thought this over a little, wondering if I should make a change, but I wanted a little mystery around what a Downer is.  If I explain it at the beginning, the mystery might be lost.  Does anyone else agree with the review?  It would be interesting to know.
"Very good book.  I loved it!"  (9-12 year old)
Thank you.  I'm glad you liked it!
"It is the sort of book I'd like to buy.  This is because it is a really good story and I felt like I was one of the children...I felt like I could imagine being in the places in the book."  (girl aged 10)
Thank you.  I'm glad you could picture yourself in the book.  That's just what I wanted!
"I really enjoyed the book and would like to read 'The Collector'."   (girl aged 10)
I am writing 'The Collector' as we speak!
"I think the book is really interesting and amazing.  My favourite part so far is when he goes into the house."  Daniel
Thank you Daniel.  Let me know your favourite part when you have read a little more.
"I like the book Unscanned because it's adventurous and fun to read.  Unscanned is an interesting book for children because it is set out well and the description makes you feel like you're actually there."  Shannon
Wow Shannon!  I am really pleased you 'feel like you're actually there'.  
"I have really enjoyed reading this book in class - at first you don't know what is going to happen and that just makes you want to read on."  Jack
How far are you Jack?  Let me know if you still feel the same half way through!
"The book is full of mystery and excitement - I love it!  Each chapter ends on a cliff hanger so you HAVE to read on.  The characters seem so real and lifelike."  Leah
Hi Leah!  Cliff hangers are great, aren't they?  I love books that make me want to keep reading.  
"The book Unscanned is very exciting and good to read.  I have enjoyed listening and reading the book in our class.  I think the book is really good because it is an adventure book. I think the best part of the book so far is where the characters get kidnapped."  Page
Hi Page!  You are right, it is an adventure book.  I wonder what you will think to the other characters as you read more.
"I think that the book Unscanned is very action packed and is about the past and the future.  My favourite part is the part where he meets the girl from his past."  Molly
Unscanned is action packed and is about the past and future.  Well spotted!
"The book is really good as I am enjoying the plot.  My favourite part so far is when he thought he would get caught but he didn't."  Kaitlyn
Hi Kaitlyn!  There are quite a few bits were he 'might get caught'. Which part are you reading?
"I think that the book is amazing because of the mysteries that Tracy has put in."  Tiffanie
Thank you Tiffanie!  I hope the mystery continues for you.
"I think the book is really mysterious and cool.  Overall it is amazing.  My favourite bit was when he was in the house and he managed to slip out of the back door."  Bailey
Thank you Bailey!  No one has ever told me the book is 'cool'.  You are the first!
"My favourite part is reading the book because it is good fun.  The book Unscanned is sort of an adventure genre and very exciting because of its many cliff hangers."  Corey
Cliff hangers are exciting, aren't they?  Does it keep you reading Corey?