What adults say about Unscanned

Unscanned is the first in a series of books about Adam and his friends. These are comments left by readers for volume one. On the website review form you can tell me what you think whilst being completely anonymous. Each of the following comments were from adults; some of whom are really just kids at heart!

"You deserve your story to be read by as many children and adults as possible."

"She reads it every night."

"I am really enjoying it. It is a great story. You have a wonderful style of writing."

"When's the next one coming out?"

"She can't put it down."

"Wonderful characters who grow as the story develops."

"I am halfway through reading the book and am enjoying it.....Adam and the team are putting in place plans to escape, there seem to be too many children involved in the plan for something not to go wrong and I think the Mantis suspects something..."

"If you haven't already, send it off to publishers. I would buy copies for the library."
(Children's Librarian)

"I think this isn't just a child's book. Congratulations to the author, waiting for the next book!"

"I thought some of the descriptions were really excellent - one of my favourite being: "Adrenalin charges round my body as if I have eaten a ton of sweet fudge."

"I was,quite frankly, blown away by your story telling skills. You have a fantastic style and told a captivating story in a hugely enjoyable and readable way."
(Primary School Teacher)

"I really enjoyed the book...love your style of writing and how well the story flows."

"The descriptions and dialogue were perfect...really was truly submerged."

"I think the children really enjoyed your talk! We are reading chapter 2 now and hope to buy copies for the school. I think you've inspired quite a few to write!" (Primary School Teacher after a Visit to the School)

"I have finished the book!!! As I read the last chapter I could not seem to stop the tears from falling. I had to keep dabbing my eyes, a lovely end to the book."

"This is what once would have been called a 'good yarn'. The story moves on at a crisp pace - no chance of getting bored. It engages by making you care about the fate of the children whilst at the same time making you wonder about the society in which they find themselves. A nightmare world - but how far from a future reality? A good read for children from 9 to 90."

"My gut instinct tells me you will be successful in your new career as a published writer."

"It's the kind of book it will appeal to kids and adults...male and female. I can see Warner Bros. turning them into movies."

"I genuinely loved it.  I didn't think I was reading a child's book  at all.  it was almost like I was watching a film rather than reading a book as the description was so powerful.  I now want to read more."


"...a wonderful, enthralling dystopian tale, superbly written...well imagined, enjoyable YA read.  Will appeal not just to the target audience, but children of any age.  It took me back to my youth and I thoroughly look forward to the sequel 'The Collector' to find out more about what the future holds in this chillingly plausible world."


"Ein sehr schönes Buch für jung und alt." (A great book for young and old.")

“,,,an amazing, thrilling story. A book for youngsters, children and adults.”


“I have never read fiction novels, this is first one... it was an experience reading [the sample of] Unscanned! Now I am eager to know will Adam get back to Lissy or Dillon? Will he trust Elliot? [Will he] return home finally? Please don’t answer, I really enjoyed [the story]. I shall definitely buy the book!”


"Congrats! It moves along really swiftly and keeps me very interested to see what's happening next. I won't say any more until I've finished, but it's amazing! Is there another one in the works? When's the movie coming out?"

"YA fiction is not something I usually - well, never read. However, a friend encouraged me to read "Unscanned" and it may have changed my mind about the genre. Unscanned kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next, and I look forward to reading the further adventures of Adam."


"...the last three years, (our son), hasn't been reading very much and it did concern me somewhat! The first few pages he kept asking what a downer was? After encouraging him to continue reading it, he really likes it now to the point where I don't ask him to read it. He is doing that of his own accord now. So thank you so much for that. My husband and I are totally impressed!"


"FINALLY - not 'other things' to keep me away from being able to read Unscanned to the end.  Now I simply have to read the next.  Tracy has managed to create an amazing journey to wrap yourself into.  She has found all the keys to one's emotions in the writing... or she found a master key... this wonderful book had me laughing with the children, being so angry I wanted to throttle some characters, aching at points and crying - both in sadness and joy.  I cannot wait to read the next and the next...keep writing Tracy."