The Seventh of the Seventh

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“…bloody brilliant.”

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Aliana is different.  Not because of her seizures - though that would be reason enough - rather in a whole new sense; one that is weird and alien.

On the night before her seventeenth birthday, she is abducted.  Awakening in a metallic chamber with no memory of how she got there, strangers inform her she is the long-awaited Sechtameta Sechtametias.  Unable to fathom what they are talking about, she realises she and Josh, her best friend, are in great danger.

Escaping her guards is not easy and ultimately, their only choice is to trust the one person they thought was their enemy.  Added to which, Aliana must learn to control an ancestral power that, until this day, she never knew existed.

The battle has only just begun, and the genes she believed caused her weakness are the reason for her strength.