About the Author

I live in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and write mostly in my front room. I've written stories for as long as 
can remember, and still have some from when I was at school! I have a twelve year old son, who always hears the first draft of my Unscanned Series and gives an 'honest' kids' opinion - sometimes meaning sections have to be completely 'scribbled out' and re-written! On top of that, we are a large family, with tons of nieces and nephews. Christmas is a party!

The first book I ever read was when I was four about a sheep dog rescuing a lamb. I still have that very tattered book, and even get it out every so often to flick through it!  Here are a few photos.  Anyone recognise it?


I love climbing in Derbyshire and high on my most favourite place in the world is Edale.  The picture to the left is our last visit
 this summer. I am standing on an old, wooden bridge, under which is a crystal clear stream, cascading down from waterfalls in the peaks.

And finally, something known only to a chosen few is that I once sneaked up to the top of the highest pyramid in Giza, Egypt, and watched the sun set over the desert.